Cerapots. Ceramics reimaginedCerapots. Ceramics reimagined

Cerapots. Ceramics reimagined

Cerapots: where our passion for ceramics takes shape

Just like you, we love the warm, Mediterranean-style feel of earthenware. However, that's not to say it's not without its flaws: it tends to be heavy, fragile and water-absorbing. That's why we created Cerapots – a flowerpot with all the traditional ceramic charm, but with added innovative solutions. In other words... Ceramics Reimagined ! We are The Pots Company. With our three brands Ecopots, Cerapots and Cosapots, we are redefining the concept of plant pots. With our craftsmanship and innovative insights, we make flowerpots that are as practical as they are beautiful.
What makes Cerapots unique?

What makes Cerapots unique?

Every one of our Cerapots, with their many distinctive shapes and textures, exude both quality and design. They are made of fine purified clay that has been ripened over five years to eliminate any impurities, giving the pots unrivalled strength and light weight. These are then fired at a very high temperature of 1,240°C. This intensive firing process considerably increases the pots’ durability, as the high temperature renders the clay both stronger and more resistant to breakage. At the same time, this enables the walls of the pots to be both thin and surprisingly light, all without compromising on strength. The characteristic texture is obtained by sanding them by hand, which is done in an ethical way in Vietnam, contributing to their unique charm. At Cerapots, we understand the challenges of modern-day gardening. That is why our pots are packed with smart features, making taking care of your plants a whole lot easier. The advanced watertight coating on the inner and outer walls of the pots and saucers keep your plants healthy, as well as both water- and frost-resistant. This makes Cerapots ideal for both indoor and outdoor use. With Cerapots, you get it all: functionality, durability and beauty.

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Every Cerapots product represents authentic beauty. Take a look at our collection and discover how Cerapots can perfectly combine the art of ceramics with your modern lifestyle.
Made of fine purified clay  - #1

Made of fine purified clay

Aged for 5 years to eliminate impurities, giving the pots unprecedented strength and lightness.

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We are here to help. Send your question or message to support@thepotscompany.eu Cerapots is a brand by The Pots Company. Evolis 100 8500 Kortrijk, Belgium